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It grows and matures through love…

Not enough for a man to love another, but should love him more than himself. To have the heart to be God, by us , Judge mind, and the neighbor, heart of mother ! Mother loves her children more than herself. It remains hungry to feed their children, but feel greater joy than those. Feeding babies bodily, and mother spiritually. Those still taste food, while the mother of spiritual joy.Images parables about mother love

A young lady, prior to marry, You can even sleep in the morning until ten o'clock and may want and cup of milk to prepare her mother and a. Not in the mood to do anything. He wants them all ready-made, and he wants everyone to wear her care. It demanded of mother, claims dad, and she seeking her Huzur. Although no love in her nature, it does not develop, because he always receives help and blessing of her mother, her father and to her brothers. But the moment it becomes a mother, like the engine that the more accelerated, so charging more, because love always work. First is disgust when touched something dirty and smelly washing with soap. Afterward, when it gets dirty child and have to clean it up, You say it takes up ... marmalade. Previously if a Clock, why bother shouting. Afterward, when crying baby, even if he does not sleep all night, is not it hard, but takes care of children and enjoy. Why? Because ceases to be a child. It became time for mother and sacrifice, love.

Mother gets to have more love and self-sacrifice than father, because father do not give them many opportunities to be sacrificed. Mother struggles, labors more children, but also "loads" of grace through caring for them. Give continuously, so and always receive…

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