-List of children enrolled in preparatory class, The scolar 2013-2014

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-List of children enrolled in preparatory class, The scolar 2013-2014

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List of children enrolled in preparatory class, The scolar 2013-2014

Conform Calendar enroll the children in primary for the school year 2013-2014, displayed in the school and children sites enrolled in preparatory class list (see Table of students enrolled in preparatory class ).







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  • Increase in basic funding for schools 18/01/2017
    18 January 2017Costul standard per student / preschool for pre-university education, accredited private and confessional, year 2017, CrEsTe of 3.043 lei / an la 3.740 law, according to two resolutions adopted on today's meeting of the Government (the two acts are available attached). State pre-schools, receive particular and confessional accredited […]
  • Press release on the contest for the posts of director and deputy director of pre-university education 09/01/2017
    09 January 2017După validation contest results, the employment status of director and deputy director positions is as follows: - from those 6.404 Director functions, They were occupied by contest 4.058, the rest of 2.346 remains vacant; - from those 2.480 Deputy director positions, They were occupied by contest 1.344, the rest of 1.136 remains vacant. From those 4.058 […]
  • Information on the work of schools and universities in areas affected by adverse weather conditions 07/01/2017
    07 January 2017Ministerul Education calls on the county school inspectorates to monitor the situation of schools in the counties affected by adverse weather conditions, so that decisions on suspension of classes to be taken locally with maximum efficiency. By this time, decision to this effect was taken in Bucharest and Ilfov County, where local authorities together […]
  • Videoconferencing Secretary of State, Liviu Marian Pop, the inspectors general 06/01/2017
    06 January 2017Secretarul state school education, Liviu Marian Pop, He claimed Friday, 6 January, a videoconference with inspectors general and deputy inspectors general. The main themes focused on student status, preparations for the resumption of classes in optimal conditions, Monday, 9 January, in context, monitoring the situation of schools in the counties […]
  • Minister Mircea Dumitru presented his activity report after six months in office 04/01/2017
    04 January 2017Ministrul National Education and Scientific Research, Mircea Dumitru, released today, 4 January, activity report at the end of the six month mandate in this function. Structured large fields of activity of the ministry - school education, higher education and research - document includes both achievements, and ongoing projects. Thus, […]